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Cannabis for Lyme Disease & Related Conditions: Scientific


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About the Author

Author Shelley White works as a writer and editor, and is training to be a Master Herbalist specializing in Lyme disease and other infectious diseases. She is the former publisher and editor-in-chief of Public Health Alert, a magazine covering stories about Lyme disease and related conditions. She has written for various publications, including Natural News, Mind Body Green, Collective Evolution, and Truth Theory. The topics she most frequently covers include cannabis, psychedelics, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases, alternative health, and consciousness. Her favorite pastimes are reading, learning, and spending time in nature. She is fascinated by plant medicine and plant consciousness, and vies to never lose her “appetite for wonder.” She credits her drive to continuously learn and connect with plants to her experience with Lyme disease, which taught her the importance of herbal medicine and expanding her mind. She firmly believes that, in the end, you are your own physician and the only one capable of fully healing yourself.

Lyme disease is a complex illness, often accompanied by various other infections and conditions. As a result, healing from Lyme disease can prove quite challenging; puzzling both patients and doctors alike. Conventional medicine, which uses long-term antibiotics to treat chronic Lyme disease, not only fails to help many Lyme disease patients, but also is notorious for causing damage to their body systems. Natural medicine, on the other hand, has proved helpful for many who have failed the conventional treatment path. Unfortunately, Lyme herbalists and naturopathic doctors are relatively scarce, and treatments can be expensive. Insurance does not typically cover herbal medicine and other natural treatments. This, along with the fact that many become confused and lost while trying to treat themselves naturally, leads many to feel their only choice is to opt for conventional treatment methods. It is clear that more practical herbal treatments, along with an in-depth and easy-to-understand guide to walk patients through the natural treatment process, are in great demand. In response to this problem, Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use was born. White’s personal experience treating her own Lyme disease with cannabis and using it to lessen symptoms during treatment, along with the awareness that many people with Lyme disease are interested in using cannabis to treat themselves and/or ease their symptoms (but have many unanswered questions on how to do so) inspired her to write the book. The book aims to answer frequently asked questions and offer a foundation for developing a personalized treatment plan. The book also covers various aspects of cannabis and its medicinal uses, including its antibacterial properties, chemical constituents, strains, forms and methods of use and recipes, safety, and legal factors. White addresses how different cannabis strains and methods of consumption can ease discomfort during treatment by reducing some of the most prominent symptoms present in Lyme disease and related conditions.






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